We All Are Judges Of Our Own Actions

from by Idiotek



You can notice the big length of many of the tracks, compared to 'quadrat', for example. Most of the songs I've done, also some rejects and b-sides, have a similar structure: they're divided into 2 parts, and more or less in the middle they change from one part to another. It's like if instead of ten songs, I had twenty songs in a single CD.

Naturally, both parts are connected musically but they can function as two different songs, like this song's case. This came up from a improvisation and randomly generated beats. It starts like a braindance song and it ends like a techno rave. It's one of my favourites, too.

Listen on SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/idiotek/we-all-are-judges-of-our-own-actions


from Freezing Point (Bonus Edition), released October 3, 2015




Idiotek Barcelona, Spain

Electronic / idm music & video project from Barcelona, Spain.

New album 'Freezing Point' out now

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